We can install decking on many different landscapes! This means we can install decking which suits your garden requirements!  The timber decking boards and framework we install are all pressure treated timber!

Types of decking

Timber Decking


Timber decking is a traditional, bright, stylish platform that is great for creating a flat surface in your garden.

Our timber decking boards are pressure treated that come in tanalised green. Although timber decking isn't as durable and long lasting as composite decking it is great value for money and still has a long life span! 

Timber decking is installed on timber framework. 

Composite Decking


Composite decking is a modern, easily maintained way of creating a pleasant flat surface in your garden.

Composite decking is a plastic decking that comes in many different colours. Fortunately as this is plastic it is very durable and holds its colour for a very long time without showing any signs of wear.

Composite decking is installed on timber framework.

decking framework


Our decking framework is installed using pressure treated timber beams and pressure treated 4" x 4" timber posts. This provides a long lasting sturdy framework. 

We use a weed block membrane underneath our decking frames to prevent any unwanted weeds from growing through the decking.

decking grip strips


Over time decking can get quite slippery! To prevent this we can supply and install decking grip strips on to your new or old decking. 

Decking grip strips are available in multiple colours!