We provide a wide range of different types of fencing. If there is a particular type of fencing you would like and its not on here, don't worry! Just get in contact with us and we will be able to work with your fencing requirements!


Panel Fencing


Panel fencing is the most common type of fencing. Most panels come in sizes of 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 5ft 6" and 6ft. 

Fence panels can be installed with concrete / timber slotted posts or normal timber 4x4 /3x3 posts.

There are multiple different types and styles of fence panels. Please check out our gallery for some of the different options you have!

Traditional Fencing


Traditional feather edge fencing looks very similar to feather edge panel fencing.

The main difference between the two is that traditional fencing comes In longer bays at either 8ft or 10ft and that traditional fencing isn't a panel, it is made on site and is installed in the posts. 

Traditional Fencing is installed using concrete or  timber 4x4 morticed posts. 

Traditional fencing is great for gardens with a steep incline or decline. 

A disadvantage to this fencing is that in future years when repairs may be necessary it could result in metal aris rail brackets being used. 

Picket Fencing


Picket fencing is a decretive type of fencing that many people like to have as a borderline around the front of their property. 

Schools also like to use picket fencing to divide certain areas of their property. 

There are three options you can have for the top of your picket fencing. Flat top, round top or pointed top. The top the posts will match your choice (If your using timber posts)

Picket fencing is installed using concrete or timber 4x4 morticed posts. 

Cleft Chestnut Post & Rail Fencing


Cleft Chestnut Post & Rail Fencing is a a rustic type of fencing that is traditionally used for agricultural purposes. 

However now it's quite common for it to be used for boundary fencing as well. 

Cleft Chestnut Post & Rail Fencing is installed in 10ft bays and is installed using rustic chestnut rails and rustic chestnut morticed posts. 

This fencing is not installed using concrete or post mix. It's installed the traditional way by compacting dirt back around the post.

Unique Slatted Fencing


Unique Slatted Fencing is a decretive fencing that will give your garden a very attractive unique look. 

Unique Slatted Fencing is installed using individual timber slats. The slats are installed on to the timber posts in a precise way so every slat has an equal gap and is level! 

Unique Slatted Fencing is installed using timber 4x4 posts. 

Steel Palisade & Security Fencing


Steel Palisade is the perfect way to protect your commercial land and see it secure! 

Steel Palisade comes in multiple heights, 1.8 meter, 2 meter, 2.35 meter and 3 meter. 

Steel palisade comes galvanised as standard or PPC green as an extra. 

Matching gates can be supplied with the fencing.